December 19, 2018

Pastor's Blog – December 19, 2018

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,
for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”  Psalm 23:4 (NIV)
This week we will experience the shortest day of daylight of the year. Thereafter, our daylight hours will begin to get longer. It’s incredible to think that one part of the year the sun sets around 4 pm while in another it sets closer to 10 pm. We seem to adapt and it seems that as we celebrate the Holiday Season with lights and glitter the darkness of the day is countered. I love Christmas lights and enjoy the festiveness of the Season.

For us, as the “Revealed” of Christ, we have the radiance of His light in the midst of the darkness around us. If you take a flashlight and shine it in the midday under the brightness of the sun, it doesn’t seem very bright, but when you shine it in the darkness of night it becomes incredibly noticeable.

You are the light of His glory as He shines through you and that light becomes more illuminated as you pass through the darkness of this life. Consider the word picture David gives us in Psalm 23: “valley of the shadow of death,” a valley is more than a moment, it’s larger than a building or even a city. It could be a season of life. And a shadow represents the light being blocked in some way. Consider that for a shadow there has to be light. A solar eclipse is where the moon stands between us and the sun and even though it is small and insignificant to the vastness of the solar system, it is able to completely block the radiance of the sun. This is only due to it being so much closer to us than the sun to us. Let us not forget that even in that moment of complete darkness, the sun is still shining in all of its radiance.

God’s radiance is brighter than the sun and His glory is constant and true. Sometimes our circumstances, no matter how small, can attempt to block His radiance and glory, if only because our perception of it being so much closer than Him. In all truth, it isn’t so even in our darkest moments or even seasons, His glory and radiance prevails. David cries out in Psalm 139 “where can I go to hide from Your presence?”

No matter what season you are in this week, Rejoice and be glad! The Savior of the world paid the price of your guilt, failure and shame and will not leave you or forsake you. He is here in the depth of your sorrow and knows your pain. He will comfort you. Christmas is upon us and we are reminded of His gift to us. Let the Reason for the Season fill you and flow through you.

God Bless!

Pastor Eric